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Christian Mangels, Ralf Fröhlich Autoren des Buches: we got our kicks in Cux 66  wie der Beat nach Cuxhaven kam
The book: Das Buch: we got our kicks in CUX `66

Christian Mangels   Ralf Fröhlich
How Beat came to Cuxhaven

The youth of Cuxhaven formed creatively the developing cultural life of their generation in the 60s. Only the Haus der Jugend and the Kurparkhalle still exist in their original condition today. There are no leftovers or only fragments of the old public houses of those days.

Great collections of original documents call back the past and remember the wild days, where music was handmade. Christian Mangels, Ralf Froehlich and Erwin Priess had the idea to make a book of it.
You will find many problems to life in the newly created culture of the 60s, all the active people (ca. 1963 - 1969) and Live-Music-Clubs within the book; even the "VIPS of Beat" who appeared in Cuxhaven!

This compilation is an important support of the cultural history of the City. Never before has there been something like this published in Cuxhaven. You will find similar stories in other towns at that time and thus the book is of interest which extends overregionally as well.

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