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Christian Mangels, Ralf Fröhlich Autoren des Buches: we got our kicks in Cux 66  wie der Beat nach Cuxhaven kam
The book: Das Buch: we got our kicks in CUX `66

Christian Mangels   Ralf Fröhlich
How Beat came to Cuxhaven

  • Story: How Beat came to Cuxhaven - How it all began: original Band-photos, Newspaper-articles, Concert-posters, Memorabilia of the 60s, Live-Music-Clubs: "Stadt Hamburg" and "Top Ten" - Deichstrasse, "Sonne" - Nordersteinstrasse, "Waldschloss" - Brockeswalde, "Haus der Jugend", old "Kurparkhalle", "Studio 200", "Club 99" - Bernhardstrasse, first Disco "Nordsee Bar", "Riverboat-Shuffles", school-concerts.
  • Portraits of the Cuxhaven-Bands: names of the band-members, band-storys, photos.
  • Portraits of the Cuxhaven-Beat-VIPS (remembrances and how is your life today): "Kralle" Krawinkel - "The Vampyrs"-"JUST US"-"Cravinkel"-"TRIO", Bernd Zamulo - "The Rhythm Brothers"-"The Lords", Uwe "Exi" Reinert - first amateur promoter of Cuxhaven-Concerts.
  • Chronology of Beat-Concerts in Cuxhaven.
  • VIPS of Beat, who appeared in Cuxhaven, photos and concert-posters: e.g. "The Hep Stars" - Sweden with Benny Andersson (later on "ABBA") and his CUX `66-greeting note, Tony Sheridan (first vocalist of Bert Kaempfert`s Beatles records), "The Lords", "The Rattles" with Achim Reichel and his CUX `66-greeting note, "The Liverbirds" (first ladies Beat-Band from Liverpool), "The Rivets" with Kuno Dreysse (CUX `66-dedication) and Henner Hoier, Lee Curtis and The All Stars (CUX `66-dedication), "The Black Stars"-Bremerhaven (first house band of "Club 99"), "Cisco and The Dynamites" (today: "Truckstop"), "The Beatnics", "The High Society" at the Magnet Bar and Ron Sale`s story a.m.o.
  • Indorock in Cuxhaven: Indonesian-Dutch bands like "Oety and His Real Rockers" with Louis van Herpen`s story and CUX-Memorabilia, "Franky and The Four Spiders" a.m.o.
  • Uschi Nerke - Beat-Club Bremen and her CUX `66-greeting note.
  • Ted Kingsize Taylor with CUX `66-greeting note.
  • Stephan Remmler with CUX `66-greeting note.
  • Ian Edwards (Ian & The Zodiacs) with CUX `66-greeting note.
The book is available. The edition is limited to 1000 pieces, so send an e-mail to and get your exemplar for only 15.80€ plus shipping and handling. 150 coloured pages you don't want to miss. (ISBN: 978-3-920709-50-5)
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