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Christian Mangels
Christian Mangels
Jens-Christian Mangels was born 1971 and is not a contemporary of the Beat-Era, but he is a music-enthusiastic and has been interested in the cultural scene of the wild 60s for many years.
The born Cuxhavener studied after High School Germanistik and Cultural Science in Bremen. Since 1998 he has been a Journalist at the "Cuxhavener Nachrichten" with the centre point on cultural and "coloured" news.
Mangels worked hard on viewing innumerable news-archives, mountains of records and papers and photo-collections to put life again into the Cuxhaven Beat-Era for the Book-project. His personal highlight during the work for "we got our kicks in CUX `66" was the interview with the Beat-Legend and ex-"TRIO"-guitarist "Kralle" Krawinkel.
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